Toe pathology: A list of podiatry nicknames

The following is a list compiled of common eponyms and nicknames related to toe pathology within the podiatry community.

Keyword: toe pathology

created: March 2016



Runner’s toe – subungal hematoma of the SECOND TOE

Tennis toe – subungal hematoma of HALLUX

Turf toe – sprain of HALLUX MPJ due to hyperextension

Sand toe – sprain of HALLUX MPJ due to hyperflexion

Hallux limitus – limitation of HALLUX MPJ ROM i.e <65 degrees

Hallux valgus – duh…

Treve’s disease – avn of HALLUX SESAMOIDS (trev is true! / trev, NOT sev! trev = TRUE AVN, severes = FALSE AVN

Claw toe = DIPJ and PIPJ flexion

Hammer toe = PIPJ flexion

Mallet toe = DIPJ flexion




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