Podiatry Made Easy – A compilation of mnemonics and memory aids

Podiatry Mnemonics



“Bra” in the name can give you two clues. The B in bra means it is usually bi-lateral and affects females. There are 4 A’s in the name, so it most commonly affects the 4th toe.



Polydactyly refers to an extra digit. There are two classifications for post-axial and pre-axial. Both classifications have “poly names” i.e. two names in each classification. The pre-axial classification is called Temtamy & McKusick. Note how temtamy sounds like tem-temy, which is similar to an extra digit! It is doubled.  The post axial classification is called Venn Watson. Note how the V is like the pattern in post axial polydactly, which resembles a V.  Another association with the V is that there are 5 types under the Venn Watson classifcation, from A – E. There is an E in complete, for complete duplication. So D, is partial duplication.



This is also known as lobster extremities.  The classification is Blauth and Borish, which you can picture as two lobsters, Blau and Bor. The first letter, is B&B (bed and breakfast), which starts at 6am. There are 6 classifications. If you can remember the classification system is based on loss of digits, then the last classification, i.e the 6th one, is for one met. You must have at least one met or else there won’t be anything to classify!



Achterman and Kalamachi  classification: There are two words. It comprises of 1 and 2, in which type 1 there is a fibula and type 2 there isn’t. Type 1 can be subdivided into A and B. The name of the classification is A-K (at knee which suggests its a bone at the knee and also addresses the growth plates!) The proximal growth plate of the fibula is inferior to the tibial growth plate, and the distal growth plate is just above the ankle. The fibula looks displaced inferiorly. Whilst, type 1B represents a shortened fibula, i.e the proximal fibula is absent for part of it’s length. Therefore, type 1a fibula is normal length but looks displaced inferiorly, 1b the fibula is shortened, and type 2, there is no fibula.

Stanitski and Stanitski –



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