Podiatry Interview Practice

How do you fixate a danis weber B ?

Danis weber B with a medial mall fracture classifies which SER? SER 4

AP/ Mortise decreased overlap = syndesmotic rupture

How to fix syndesmosis? 3 screws, tight rope, 4 screws

How do position the tight rope for syndesmosis?

Pic of erythrysma? medication? erythrymcin

Topical ointment for MRSA ? pic of infection – Bactroban

Oral medication for mrsa? Bactrim

What is the dose for Lamisil? 250mg

Should you plate a high fibular fracture? No, be aware of common peroneal

Posterior spike synonymous with? SER2

Secondary ORIF using a delta frame for comminuted pilon fracture. Why? wound dehiscnence wait for swelling, and ligamentotaxis

Name some nsaids other than Ibuprofen

What should you always order for pilon fxs? CT

How do you evaluate the posterior facet from a lateral view for intra-operative Calc fxs? Broden’s view

What is AO principles?

Pic of well defined lesions in caclaneus. Name 3 differentials – UBC, ABC, Lipoma, GCT

Pic of well defined lesions in fingers. Name 3 differentials – GCT, enchondromas

Flat foot reconstruction pics – name the procedures, name the plane of dominance

What are P’s of compartment syndrome?

Which side of the talus is this?

What should be used for CRPS?

What is Sudeck’s atrophy?

Name the stages of charcot and how each stage is treated?

Name 3 lateral ankle stablization procedures?

Pic of christmas snook xray with a hole in the fibula. What procedures and where does it attach? Christman snook

Clicking sound heard upon ROM ankle, pain along lateral side of ankle, constant sprains. what Musculoskeletal questions? eversion prodceues pain, palpate the peroneal tendon, have patient do a talar tilt.  know all eckert and davis classifications and who added the last classification?  Oden

What foot type causes Haglunds? compensated forefoot valgus, compensated forefoot varus, rearfoot varus




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