Podiatry Pearls for Externships

Weil Osteotomy (plantar oblique 3mm displacement of met neck)

Who was the first to describe it? Baruke described it.

What happens if the displacement is greater than 3 mm (i.e. what is a complication)? Floating toe

What causes the floating toe in a Weil Osteotomy? Disadvantages the interossei

What modification avoids this? Maraska (1 mm section removed->reduces the vertical height increase from the weil)

What is the “Hat trick”? 1) plantar plate repair 2) PIPJ athrodesis 3) Parallel Weil (Maraska). It’s goal is to the restore the center of rotation of the 1st MTPJ.  3P’s is the hat-trick.

Medial Double Athrodesis

According, to Astion (1997), How much ROM is eliminated after a talo-navicular fusion in the CC and STJ joint? 90%. i.e. only 2 degrees of motion is available

What is the advantages of using a medial double athrodesis over a triple? Since it does not affect the CC joint, the lateral column length is preserved (no FF abduction). It can also be done with one medial incision.


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