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“I want to start off by saying that as a GENERAL rule, if you’ve externed at a place or visited several times they will be easier on you and by being there you will discover what they like to ask.

The type of questions you get also varies on the amount of applicants applying to the program. For example, this year had a very low applicant pool and a much higher number of residency spots. So most of the interviews were social except for the top programs which always have academic interviews.

The typical academic interview goes through a case.
a) history
b) physical
c) diagnosis (labs, x-rays ect.)
d) treatment

Some “interesting” questions I heard were:

1) Dictate an Austin (for those of you who are not familiar with dictation, after every sx case the resident or the surgeon dictates a verbal recap of everything the happened in the sx. )

2) Another place didn’t ask any podiatry questions but asked every student internal medicine questions pertaining to the review of systems.

3) A student who didn’t visit the program once got a difficult gunshot case with the interviewers constantly interrupting her with ,”why didn’t you visit us? Why didn’t you visit us?”

The typical cases you will get asked are:

1) Red Hot swollen foot
2) Bunion
3) Lisfranc’s dislocation
4) Ankle fractures
5) Diabetic foot ulcer/infection

Some social questions I got were:

What is the last book you read?
Which clinician at your school do you dislike the most?
What can our program inprove upon?
Tell us about a journal article you read?

– 4th year student”


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